About colored diamonds







上質なダイヤには他のどの宝石にも負けることのないダイヤだけが持つ『格別の輝き』Dispersion があるので、カラー(発色)ダイヤモンドももちろん、それはそれは素晴らしく輝き、その珍しさと魅力に心奪われるほど美しいのです。


it may be hard to understand the allure of colored diamonds as there is a perception for an individual diamond to be deemed beautiful, it should be colorless and transparent.

 This may explain why in the past, many Japanese were so fix in perceiving the beauty of a diamond in such a manner.

In the global jewelry trade market, Most are naturally transparent diamonds.These top quality diamonds have a special characteristic, which other gemstones do not have, called “Dispersion”. This characteristic disperses light, allowing these diamonds to give off an exceptional radiance that steals one’s heart.

Colored Diamonds are Fascinating







オススメは Yellowish-brown 黄がかったもの、またはオレンジに近いものでしょう。




An example is the yellow diamond. The brightness of these diamonds range from vivid yellow, giving off a cool vibe, to light yellow, 

which I personally like as the color gives off a gentle warmth.

Another such diamond is the brown diamond, which has tinges of yellow but the color is closer to orange. My recommendation for this color class is the Yellowish-Brown diamond. This diamond has tinges of yellow and in some light, 

may appears grey but its color is closer to orange. 

In terms of color rarity, this would be the pink diamond. This diamond appears orange in some light and others, purple. It truly is an sweet, elegant gemstone.

Fancy-shaped diamonds that go beyond ordinary round shapes








The diamond shapes I personally recommend are various fancy shapes, especially if the diamond is a pink diamond, a heart. For women.

This design is timeless. Regardless of age, this design fits your current stage and perspective and adds beauty to your life.

The price of pink diamonds can be quite high for small gems, but there are diamonds of unusual colors such as blue and red. 

These cute gems are like precious flowers that are lovingly collected. It may be an expensive bouquet, but these beautiful flowers can decorate and beautify your life.

  Why not add these colored diamonds to your jewelry collection, a rare gem that is worth the investment and value!