News from Office Debolah

My original intent was to relocate to a new location in March and take some time afterwards to plan for my new collection.

However, since April, I have restarted work from my new apartment instead.


My initial plan was to roll out the following themes in the coming months:

1  April – Jewelry Maintenance Fair”


2  May – “Tips on finding jewelry that makes you happy”

(Updating blog)

(3) June – “Bridal engagement rings”


 Just as I was eagerly making preparations to roll out these new themes, COVID-19 hit worldwide and really shook things up.

Like so many of you, I likewise was not spared from this situation and felt its impact keenly.



Domestic manufacturers and producers have stopped their operations.

Jewelry maintenance care technicians and craftsmen have also stopped their activities.



Imports of natural gemstones from Israel, India and Europe, into Japan,

have also ceased as a result of the lockdown measures taken by these countries.



Thus, things in the office have been moving slower than before.

 In spite of this situation,

there are still things that can be done! 

we were  launching a free jewelry consultation service to address your jewelry needs.

For more details, you can look up our newsletter “Frog Garden” or our blog,  April and May – “Jewelry Maintenance Fair” & "Tips on finding jewelry that makes you happy” 

If you have further questions, I will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have about this service.